Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers and their Symbolic Meanings

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers and their Symbolic Meanings

Top 5 Most Popular Wedding Bouquet Flowers and their Symbolic Meanings

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Your wedding day is one of the most awaited moments in your life.

A lot of thought and planning goes into perfecting all the components such as the bride’s wardrobe, wedding theme, ceremony arch, cake and menu.

However, a future bride cannot walk down the aisle without one important item: the wedding bouquet.

Flowers are termed a joyous celebration of women, marriage, and style.

Each flower dictates a special message with sentimental value.

Choosing the perfect bouquet flower can be a daunting task.

Let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular wedding bouquet flowers and their symbolic meanings.



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Symbolic Meaning: The Goddess of Love, Passion.

Characteristics: Exotic fragrance, velvet coloured petals.

Colours: Red, orange, white, pink.

Availability: Spring, Summer. (English Roses are available year-round)

Wedding Themes: Blush, Rose gold, Contemporary, Classic Romance, Ethnic,

Roses are considered the most popular wedding flowers for bouquets.

Available in a variety of hues, each coloured rose carries special meaning.

While a pink rose displays joy and admiration, a red rose symbolises passion and a white rose declares purity.

Roses are available all season round, being moderate to expensive in the price range.

Their fragrance is enchanting, the extent depending on their variety.


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Symbolic Meaning: Happiness in Marriage.

Characteristics: Filler form, strong fragrance, star-shaped, waxy blossom texture.

Colours: white, pearl white.

Availability: Year-round

Wedding Theme: Garden, vintage, rustic woodland or a fairytale wedding. Click here for tips on how to create the perfect fairytale wedding

Want to get surrounded by the extra luck on your big day?

The dainty white stephanotis flower is an obvious choice for wedding bouquets. The Madagascar origin flower is also known as ‘Bridal Veil”.

This is because they symbolise marital happiness in Victorian meaning.

Available all Year-round, these mildly scented blossoms are moderate in price range.

The stephanotis bouquet is the most classic choice for a traditional bride, no doubt due to their meaning.


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Symbolic Meaning: Devoted love, Fascination, gratitude, cheerful, admiration.

Characteristics: Filler, solid coloured, mild fragrance, satin texture blossom.

Colours: Pink, purple, red, yellow, white

Availability: Year-round.

Wedding Theme: Fall wedding, Rustic vintage, Royal.

Carnations are an obvious pick for wedding bouquets, depicting beautiful blooms that unfurl out into a multitude of delectable layers.

Being very light in fragrance or none at all, these flowers are inexpensive and available all Year-round.

Carnations come in a variety of colours, each representing unique sentiments.

Pink represents gratitude, red symbolises love, white depicts talent, while, purple means capriciousness and yellow symbolise disappointment or rejection.

Solid colour carnations say, “yes” while striped carnations should be avoided as they say “no” and express refusal.

Being versatile in both colour and design, carnations are a great adornment to wedding bouquets.


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Symbolic Meaning: Companions forever, cheerful, love, truth

Characteristics: Mass fillers, non-fragrant, dense, pinwheel satin bloom,

Colours: Red, orange, yellow, purple and bi-colored.

Availability: Year-round.

Wedding Theme: Fall wedding, Foliage, Rustic vintage.

Looking like a cross between daisies and pompoms, these flowers are a full volume favourite of weddings.

They are known for their diversity of colours, shapes, and sizes.

The name literally means “golden flower”.

Chrysanthemums generally symbolise joy and longevity.

Various other colours represent other meanings as well.

Red symbolises love and passion, yellow depicts neglect and sorrow, white represents loyalty, while violet represents a wish to get well.

Lily of the Valley

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Symbolic Meaning: Purity, humility, and sweetness, Return of Happiness, Good luck charm, Ladder to heaven.

Characteristics: Mass fillers, small spherical bloom, strongly fragrant.

Colours: Pearl white.

Availability: Spring, summer.

Wedding Theme: Spring wedding, contemporary, Royal.

Also known as the ‘Mary’s tears’; these small white blossoms are known for their fresh, perfumed scent.

Mostly available in the white-colored variety, this flower also comes in a rare rosy pink shade.

Lily of the valley is expensive in price, available during spring and summer.

These fragile bell-shaped flowers are best for wedding bouquets, in combination with other flowers.

Lily of the valley symbolises sweetness and purity of heart and is thought to represent a return to happiness, making it ideal for wedding bouquets.

Just like every picture tells a story, every flower has a story to tell too.

The wedding bouquet is the bearer of a message, with each flower having a special meaning.

Whatever sentiments you want to convey on your big day, there’s sure to be a flower to fit your need.

But how can you make a theme around your flowers? CLICK HERE to find out

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