The Unconventional Guide to a Romantic Wedding

The Unconventional Guide to a Romantic Wedding

The Unconventional Guide to a Romantic Wedding

Marriage is that particular thing which joins two people for eternity; it is something which has great significance in everyone’s life, which is the turning point of everybody’s life as they are finally going to meet the person who will always love and cherish them from the bottom of their hearts.

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The wedding day is the celebration of the couples and every couple wants to do it in different and unique ways. Couples have their own dreams and thoughts for the celebration of their big day. Some want their wedding in a traditional way while some want a wedding in an unconventional and unique way.

Celebrate your big day in the most romantic and modern way possible. In the same way, you’ve always dreamed of, talk to your fiance and make your wedding a fairy-tale, in which you actually feel like a princess who is marrying a prince, is this the most desired wish of every princess?

Here are some tips:

• Take your time: Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life, something which has great significance in your life and that you’ll never forget. So, to make your day extra special allow yourself to think and plan your wedding exactly how you want it. Check out ‘5 tips to get the best photos on the big day’ to help

• Make a list of important things: Lots of brides don’t exactly know from where to start when it comes to planning their dream wedding and not everyone will hire a wedding planner to help them. Think what is most important for you, venue or dress, make a list and go from there. There are some great wedding planning apps out there when Jess and I were getting married, Jess was glued to Pinterest.

• Decide the venue: Every princess wants the perfect venue for their wedding. The place, which should be breath-taking, will make the wedding more romantic. So, take plenty of time to select your dream venue for your wedding, as this is the one important thing which you’ve waited so long for.

• Select a dress: This is the most important task for every bride i.e. finding a perfect dress. It is something which girls have dreamed about since their childhood. Visit as many boutiques as you can and choose that dress which gives you the breath-taking appearance in which you look the most beautiful.

Lukasz Dunikowski Bella S, silk wedding dress

Lukasz Dunikowski
Bella S, silk wedding dress

• Select the invitations: Choose invitations which are stunning as they are the one main part of your wedding. Decorate it with real leaves and style it just like the fairy-tale wedding invites.

• Arrive in style: Making a grand entrance is the dream of every bride especially for those who want the fairy-tale wedding, they want to arrive on a horse-drawn carriage and want the aisle to fill with red roses on which they can walk with their fathers to their lovers to make the vows.

Mark Taylor Cunningham Bridget and Shane wedding Feb 27th 2011

Mark Taylor Cunningham
Bridget and Shane wedding Feb 27th 2011

• Capture every moment: Of course, you want to save every second of this special day with you and for that, you should hire a brilliant photographer who will take the pictures that you always loved and that you can cherish forever.

I hope you found these tips helpful! Look out for my next blog ‘How spring weddings are bringing sexy back’