6 Easy Steps To a Fantastic Music Press Kit

6 Easy Steps To a Fantastic Music Press Kit

So I wanted to give a few hints and tips regarding getting a good press kit together.

Now there are two types of press kit, a physical one and a electronic press kit (EPK.) Both entwine within each other. The only difference being that an EPK is used online to send info over. They are good, as you can reach a large number of people in a short space of time. However, they are not as personal as going to venue and showing people what you do.

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If possible I do like to go into a venue as you can find out more about what a client expects and tailor you act to deliver that.

You are not just a musician, you are a salesperson, a marketing manager, a negotiator. If you don’t already have these skills you need to find places to read up on them. Whether that be books, YouTube, blogs or just talking to other musicians. Gain as much experience as you can. I spent 5 years in retail before becoming a full time musician. Working both jobs along side each other. I was a store manager at the age of 20 this gave me the opportunity to learn about building a rapport with a range of clients and regular customers.
Find ways of getting this experience.

On to the press kit. Here’s the basics of what you need. This is an outline.

1.High quality photos
Have you got a friend who’s a photographer or maybe the local college are looking for models. This could be an inexpensive way of getting what you need.paul ace wedding singer

Every gig you do get videos and pictures. Venues want to see you as well as hear you. Collect them together then make a montage. Use programmes such as iMovie to make it. If you can afford a pro videographer then use one. It will reap the benefits in the long run. I created mine myself see what you think. 

If your just starting out get some reviews from open mics you have done. If you have been at it longer ask previous venues for there feedback and get the permission to use it. If your good they should be happy to give a testimonial. Also mention that you will put a link to their site next to there testimonial. So everyone benefits.

Make sure this is high quality. If you sound rubbish or cheap then people will not book you. This is the very least that a venue would expect from you. It’s like buying a car without a test drive and wondering if the wheels will fall off. Need tips on recording?

Paul Ace Rock n Roll poster5.Paper Promo
Posters, flyers etc. Venues want to see how you are going to advertise. A good quality poster will catch people’s eye. A bad poster can discourage people from coming. If your promo looks amateur people think your band is. Be a cut above the rest. Use a graphic designer check out Ace Designs on Facebook. High quality at affordable prices.

6.Set list

Get this printed out for venues to see exactly what you do. As soon as they mention a song they like show them others relating to that song.

So there is a basic outline.
Get started and make a band a brand.

Posted By Paul Ace