How to make a connection with the audience

How to make a connection with the audience

All to often when you go and see a band or a singer, it can leave you feeling underwhelmed at the end. Why is this? Is it because the perfomer didn’t play your favourite song? Is it because that the type of music they played was not your cup of tea? Ok, these things can be contributing factors, but it is certainly not the be all and end all. The most likely explanation is that the performer has not made a connection with you and the rest of the audience!

This is so important in performing. Why? Because you want every audience member to feel like you are performing to them. Whether it be your local pub, a big corporate event or wembly stadium! You have to make a connection.

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Through the years there has been some fantastic performers. Do they all perform in the same way? No. If we look at someone like Robbie Williams (check out Robbies performance here) he makes everyone feel like he is singing to them.

Who is the star of the show, the audience is! Looking a little further back to the Rolling Stones if Mick Jaggar was dressed like this and walked into your local pub you would be like what the hell is he doing with his chicken dance!! But because he is on stage you can get away with it. It’s bravardo, charisma, confiedence, this is why they call it artistic license. When you are on that stage, it’s yours, own it! You need to command the stage. Then when people start watching instead of, if your lucky, just listening you need to give them that eye contact back.

Eye contact is so important in performance. Think about if you were serving a customer in the local shop or having a business meeting with a potential client, you wouldn’ avoid eye contact throughout. Why? Because its considered rude and insincere.

If you look someone in the eye they are a lot more likely to trust you. This adds to the connection with the audience. If they trust you and your abilty they are more likely to relax and enjoy the night, more dancing, more sing-a-longs and more bar & ticket sales. Which means more bookings.

So you might be thinking, well the examples he has shown are already big stars. True, but YOU have to put that much effort in from day one. Here are some more local examples.

Psychobilly band- Frenzy
Si Craunstoun-Jazz
Myself-Singing La Bamba
Lucas & The Dynamo’s-Rock n Roll/Jive Swing

You will notice it is about involving your audience in your show, singing along, clapping, in between set banter. I will talk more about this in my next post, HOW TO INVOLVE YOUR AUDIENCE.

So remember make sure everyone feels like your singing to them and make eye contact. Involve your audience. Be over the top. Your there to perform so go do it!

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