Let’s Get Quirky With Wedding Favours

Let’s Get Quirky With Wedding Favours

When it comes to wedding favours, a way to thank your guests for attending and spending the day with you, some couples are stumped. However, favours can be fun, thoughtful and even a little bit quirky, and I have some great suggestions when it comes to affordable favours that your guests will absolutely adore.


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Think Edibles

Guests will surely appreciate something that they can snack on when they are on the way home from the wedding. These edible wedding favours can include things such as mini fruit pies, homemade granola in different flavours, or even a regional treat such as salt water taffy. An edible favour may not last long, but your guests will surely appreciate it. P.S if your having a vintage wedding then maybe some retro sweets would go down well. Churchills in Swadlincote have an delectable range. I did also find these cute little favours for just £0.79

Retro sweet favours



If you are having a local wedding, sending your guests home with a small plant they can keep on a kitchen window ledge is both unique and eco-friendly. You can include your wedding information on the small container that the succulent is kept in, or on a care tag for the plant. Take a look at L’Homme De Fleurs based near Birmingham very friendly and would be happy to help with any requirements you may have. You could maybe give the centrepieces away to the VIP members of your wedding party.

flower favour


Include Your Wedding Theme

Having a beach wedding? Many couples choose to give their guests flip flops to wear in the sand and that is quirky enough, but how about filling a small sand pail with necessities like sunscreen, a lip balm or even some bath salts to use when they get back to their hotel room at the end of a long day at the beach?


Bottle Your Own Soda

A quirky but delicious way to thank your guests for coming to your wedding! You can make a custom, non-alcoholic brew at many different locations, and you can even make several flavours for your guests to choose from. Include a handmade label and a straw in the same colour as your wedding and guests will have something cold to sip on their way home. If you want to see some of the rarest vintage soda bottles take a look on insider monkey


Hangover Relief Kit

This is probably my favourite! If you have had a bit of a wild wedding and aunty Margret has been dancing on the tables she may be happy of this in the morning. All the little bits and pieces you need to cure hangover. You can get 100 for £1.64 per box

awesome wedding favours

I hope this gave you a few ideas of what you can do for your wedding favours. If you still need some inspiration speak to Ace Wedding Design they have some brilliant ideas!ace wedding design logo

What are your ideas for your wedding favours?

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