How Spring Weddings Are Bringing Sexy Back

How Spring Weddings Are Bringing Sexy Back

How Spring Weddings Are Bringing Sexy Back

Springtime is a season referred as rebirth, rejuvenation, renewal, resurrection and regrowth. A season where trees start to grow and leaves and flowers start to bloom.

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In this season, most of the beautiful flowers can be found in gardens where you can use them for various occasions.

Speaking of flowers, these can give colours and beauty to everything, it can also be used to express a person’s feeling such as lilies which symbolise humility and devotion and are often used to give during a couple’s 2nd wedding anniversary. There are also other sorts of flowers which can help bring something special into your wedding day. Learn about the meanings of flowers in my other blog.


So, what season is the best time to have a wedding? Summer is the hot weather season, meaning a long hot day in an uncomfortable dress but nice photos. Winter weddings can create uncomfortable photos in the freezing cold (unless you have some sort of bolero or shawl). Autumn weddings where the nights are drawing in mean that time is limited to appreciate the beautiful venue you spent so much of your budget on and using your photographer! Speaking of beautiful venues check out my 5 quick wedding venue ideas for some stunning venue inspiration!

Spring Weddings = a vast amount of light up until late and a comfortable temperature to be in a ceremony, means that it’s the best all-around option. Add to this beautiful easter pastels and wildflower bouquets and a naked cake oh and add in an off-peak honeymoon and you’re onto a winner!


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Check out my tips on ‘how to add vintage touches to your wedding day’ to help give you a vintage feel.

Autumn weddings, where leaves from the trees start to fall and where most of the couples getting married are doing it outdoors because of the beauty of the leaves falling from the tree is astounding, however, there are fewer flower options because the autumn season affects the blooming of most flowers.

A winter wedding is possible but just imagine a cold, freezing wedding. The best season for a wedding is actually springtime. That’s just my opinion, of course, you can have your wedding whenever!

Weddings during the springtime or what we call a spring wedding can be considered as a perfect wedding because you can find all sorts of flowers that can be used in every part of the wedding.

Most of the spring weddings are being held outdoors to make the most of the season as the flowers, photos and atmosphere are stunning.

There are spring wedding trends where the theme of the wedding is flowers and where the bridal party and guests are required to use colourful and beautiful flowers as part of their outfit or sometimes most of their outfits are made of flowers!

Gowns made of flowers make the bride more attractive and it shows off her beauty pretty well. If you go for this option, however, bear in mind the insects that will most likely take a liking to you!

Choosing the right flowers for the reception can also make the wedding more presentable since flowers also produce a great fragrance and elegance.

There are countries where spring weddings are a tradition, they believe that setting the wedding date on a spring season can give a lasting love to the couple and because the meaning of it is renewal they believe that spring weddings are also a means of new life of the couple.

It’s like being reborn again and starting a new beginning. They also believe that if a couple got married during this season their relationship will get stronger and will develop more just like the flowers getting more beautiful during these seasons.


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Out of the four seasons mentioned, spring weddings are the perfect time for a couple to exchange vows.

Every time the season passes, they will be reminded that their marriage life is just the four seasons, sometimes summer as hot as their love for each other, autumn like relationship is starting to fall because of the challenges, winter as their love starts to get cold and spring that will remind them to renew their love for each other by forgiving one another and to start all over again.

But what’s your opinion? Comment below and share your thoughts.

– Paul Ace