How Spring Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Easter egg hunt {with lawn fawn} 
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How Spring Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Thinking of the best time of the year to have your wedding?

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Have you ever been to a wedding held during spring or perhaps an Easter wedding?

What could you expect if you had an Easter wedding?

Chocolates, eggs and bunny shapes, decorations will be easy to get hold of and since it is springtime more flowers can be used to improve the atmosphere of the wedding.

Also, it might mean your honeymoon would be cheaper because it’s not in ‘peak season’ Woohoo! Check out my 5 dream honeymoon destinations

Easter egg hunt {with lawn fawn}  blogged here:

Easter egg hunt {with lawn fawn}
blogged here:…

Springtime is one of the best times of the year, aside from having more flowers to choose from, you can also find more outdoor places to conduct your wedding and with the extended sunlight hours, you can party all night long!

Unlike summer season or winter season it will be difficult to have a wedding outdoors because of the temperature and it can bring inconvenience for the visitors of the wedding.

If you do choose an outdoor ceremony, remember to consider elderly or disabled guests.

Why have an Easter wedding? By conducting the wedding during Easter Sunday it can bring more meaning and will be more memorable for you and your wedding guests.

Easter Sunday is the time of the year where Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and if you are Christian just imagine your wedding being held the same time as the celebration of the resurrection of the one that you worship?

Personally, I am not religious though so I would rather worship chocolate Easter eggs!


Many Christians may appreciate it and also not only Christians but also even non-Christians will remember your wedding since Easter becomes a tradition of hiding eggs and letting the kids find it.

Plus another bonus is that your partner (in theory) can NEVER forget your anniversary!

How can an Easter wedding bring even more memories?

Well, planning for an Easter wedding is very easy since many people are already familiar with it. Plus, the decorations will be easy to make since all you need is a bunny figure, eggs and chocolates. Imagine the sweetie bar you could make for your guests with Easter eggs and those fluffy pipe-cleaner chick things?!

Also, if you have an Easter wedding you can add games and activities for your wedding such as egg hunting or a themed photo booth with Easter-related props.

After the wedding ceremony and after the speeches at your wedding breakfast you can start looking for the hidden eggs or perhaps let the small children find the hidden eggs. Not only adults can remember your wedding but for the younger ones as well.

Maryland GovPics Follow Easter Egg Hunt at Government House

Maryland GovPics Follow
Easter Egg Hunt at Government House

An Easter wedding is one of the best weddings you can have during springtime and it’s also a time that everyone can easily remember.

You can also try a floral wedding since it is the season when flowers are most in bloom. You can have a theme where flowers are all over your wedding reception or perhaps having your gown made of flowers to be unique? Although, watch out for bees.

Plus, It’s easy to bring in other themes to personalise your wedding and really make it your own, a fairytale wedding would work beautifully paired with an Easter theme. Take a look at my 5 things you should know about fairytale weddings

Spring isn’t really that bad as you think it could be. Yes, the weather maybe a little hit and miss and if your wedding is in England it could either be boiling hot or freezing cold – or a mixture of the two with some sleet and a rainbow chucked in for good measure.

But as long as you own it with funky wellington boots or a novelty umbrella you can make it yours! It won’t matter.

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Spring is a time of rejuvenation or being reborn and the most important thing that you can do during this time is to be with someone you love.

Paul Ace