Grooming Tips for Grooms-To-Be

Grooming Tips for Grooms-To-Be

A wedding day isn’t just about the bride looking beautiful with her hair and makeup done and with a beautiful gown. A man’s style and especially his grooming are very important aspects of the wedding day. With many men growing in their beards as a part of the latest trend, we even have advice on how to keep that beard manageable and looking good for your big day.

Use a Straight Razor

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If you do shave, your wedding is the best time to treat yourself to a hot shave by a professional that uses a straight razor. It is best not to go for your first hot shave on or just before your wedding day. Instead, go a month or so before, just so you can gauge if you will experience any kind of irritation. Somewhere like The Dandy Gent in Derby has excellent reviews I will be having a look for my wedding next year.

the dandy gent

Tame That Beard

If you don’t want to shave your beard, there are a couple organic companies that offer a leave in beard conditioner that helps tame the hair and leave it looking soft and maintained. Many of these leave in conditioners include lavender essential oil, almond oil and shea butter to offer moisture to the hair, but it can also help ease any itchiness that comes with having a full face of hair. Hamilton Jackson have a set of 3 organic beard oils for currently on sale for £38.99. But also check for offers!

Grooming tips for men

Brighten Your Skin

Head to your local chemist or pharmacy and pick yourself up an exfoliating face wash. Use this three times a week to help sough off the dead skin cells and reveal smooth skin underneath. This will also keep blemishes at bay. If you are concerned about wrinkles, use a face wash that includes at least 3% glycolic acid. Consider using the glycolic face wash at least two to three months before the wedding up until the big day for optimal results. GQ magazine has a blog on the best face scrubs for men

Neaten Those Eyebrows and Nose Hairs

It doesn’t take long to tame your eyebrow or nose hairs by trimming or tweezing them. Do this a day or so before the wedding for a well-groomed appearance. If you have a problem getting stray eyebrow hairs to stay in place, consider using a little bit of brow gel or even spray a little bit of hairspray onto your finger and gently add to the eyebrow hairs to keep them in place all day and you looking picture perfect. Buzz Cut Guide have got a list of their 10 ten nose hair trimmers

Video Tutorial On How To Trim A Short Beard

If you are still unsure what to do then check out this video from Howcast

Just remember, on your wedding day you’ll be seeing your beautiful wife, but she and all of your family and friends will be seeing you too!

Have you got any tips for grooming?

Does your husband to be have an unruly beard?

Or are you the groom with a already awesome looking beard.

Post your pics in the comments!