10 top instrumental cover songs for your wedding breakfast

With the continued growth of YouTube music sensations, it is now so easy to discover not just great music but great interpretations of popular songs. I have compiled a list of 10 of my favourites. When you are having the wedding breakfast it is nice to...
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6 Unusual Ideas For Wedding Entertainment

We can all remember the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, but that’s not the only choice for wedding entertainment these days! Now, with themed weddings and incredibly personal choices of venue, the choices are vast and exciting! Here’s...
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6 Easy Steps To a Fantastic Music Press Kit

Learn the basics of a killer press kit!
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Need a Laugh? Check out these funny songs!

  So I thought I would have a look at some funny songs this week. There is a wide range of style that incorporate comedy into their songs . Theres things from parodys of pop songs, witty piano songs, acoustic beautys and fantastic orchestral extravaganzas....
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How to make a connection with the audience

All to often when you go and see a band or a singer, it can leave you feeling underwhelmed at the end. Why is this? Is it because the perfomer didn’t play your favourite song? Is it because that the type of music they played was not your cup of...
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