Wedding Inspiration And Musician Advice


Vox AD100VT Guitar Amp Review

Last week I had one of the moments. I don’t know if you would call it a eureka moment or an impulse moment. My friend Dan said I had probably been thinking about it whilst I was asleep. Anyway, I woke up and decided I had to buy a new guitar amp...
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Need a Laugh? Check out these funny songs!

  So I thought I would have a look at some funny songs this week. There is a wide range of style that incorporate comedy into their songs . Theres things from parodys of pop songs, witty piano songs, acoustic beautys and fantastic orchestral extravaganzas....
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What a Wedding Fair

A little while back played host to my first wedding fayre of the year. After a late night from the golden wedding the previous night I was a little tired but certainly up for meeting as many bride and grooms to be as I could. So I arrived just after...
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How to make a connection with the audience

All to often when you go and see a band or a singer, it can leave you feeling underwhelmed at the end. Why is this? Is it because the perfomer didn’t play your favourite song? Is it because that the type of music they played was not your cup of...
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From The Moment You Arrive You Are The Performer!

In this first blog I want to talk about performance and why it is so important as a musician or in fact any performance field. Being a singer/entertainer or whatever kind of entertainment industry you are in, you always want to put on a fantastic quality...
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