5 tips to get the best photos at the wedding reception

5 tips to get the best photos at the wedding reception

The photographs of one’s Wedding are indeed priceless to him/her since they are not only the mere documents to preserve but the frame-bound ‘captures’ holding one of the most unforgettable events of one’s life! So, apart from just a professional assignment, this job should be taken up as a service with ample preparation and commitment. Here’re a few tips for the same:

Tip #1 Get the names and the shoot-list

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It’s always good to offer the photographer a list of shots which must not be missed on the day! The list should be made in chronological order of tentative progress of the event. Besides, the names and the cell numbers of the bridesmaid and the best man should be noted in the list as they usually are the part of the planning and the persons of reference for the photographer.

Nevertheless, if you don’t want to take a chance, appoint someone close from either of the family of bride or groom, a coordinator guy, who does know the guests by face and would identify them for the photographer when time comes!

Besides, once you fix your photographer better ask him to visit your place, the wedding venue, spend some time with you two and the folks around. That will be eventually good for him and for you guys too, to get the best moments clicked!

Also, attending the rehearsal would stand good for the photographer so insist him to attend it.

 Tip #2 Get a second shooter

None could be more horrific than you notice your photographer is busy fixing his camera when you guys are holding some charming smile on your face and at the same time impatiently throwing quick glimpses to the photographer to be back in action by the corner of your eyes! Therefore, having a second shooter is always better. It doesn’t only ensure a backup on gear failure, but helps you better insured of not missing some important shot too.

Additionally, you can have the chance to have same shots with two angles, dimensions or color-tones of pictures as the two shooters would most likely be using different type of lenses.

 Tips #3 Don’t run out of cell or memory

It’s always better to use a modern camera with dual memory slots so that each shot you take as a photographer gets stored in both the cards. Additional memory totaling around 25-30 gigs should be kept with you when you’re likely to shoot round the day. Also take precautions not to run out of cells to stay panic-free.


Tips #4 Turn off the sound of your Camera

Clicking sound of shutter or beeps during the speeches, the kiss and the vows don’t help at all. So, it’s better to put off the camera sound before them.

Tips #5 Shoot the smaller details

Photographs of the objects or things relevant like wedding rings, items, backs of dresses, shoes, flowers, decors, table settings, menus etc – definitely help give the wedding album some extra dimension.

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There are some great photographers in the midlands such as Ian Dearman Media or Alex Miller both worth taking a look at.

Thats all for now. Is there anything you think should be on the list?

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Have an ace day!