5 Things You Should Know About Planning a Fairytale Wedding

5 Things You Should Know About Planning a Fairytale Wedding

5 Things You Should Know About Planning a Fairytale Wedding

Everyone has a dream of having a unique and one of kind wedding.

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Since childhood, fairytale and happy endings were introduced to us making us believe that it is possible in reality.

Because of this, a lot of couples want to have a fairytale wedding. Something vaguely like the bride representing the princess and that the groom representing prince charming that she has been searching for so long.

If you are one among those who want to have a fairytale wedding, you should realise the planning difficulties that you have to endure just to make your dream wedding possible. You have to make a lot of preparations from the smallest details up to the biggest ones like the wedding gown, the wedding reception, and much more.

In order for you to realise your dream fairytale wedding, you should take these 5 things into consideration:

  • Budget and Finances – Having a wedding is a major event that can require a huge amount of money. Especially when you want it to be extra special and one of a kind, like a fairytale themed wedding, more budget will be required. If you really want to make it happen, you and your partner should be financially ready and willing to spend for the wedding



  • Capability of Available Suppliers – The suppliers that you will need for the wedding should be those with experience and good accomplishments. You wanted a themed wedding that’s why you cannot just entrust it to any available supplier. If it’s possible, you must seek help from an experienced wedding planner (such as That Black and White Cat) so that your expectation will be realised on your wedding day. They are the professional ones on this matter and their service will surely matter in making your wedding day dream come true.

I also fully recommend an amazing themed wedding cake to wow your guests. StoryTeller cakes create INCREDIBLE designs! Check them out here: StoryTeller Cakes


  • Venue and Food Services – The venue will play a big role in your wedding. It will be the one that will give you and your guests the feeling that you are in a fairytale setting. Aside from that, you must be able to give enough (and delicious) food to your guests. These two are equally important to the event.


  • Your Groom, His Family, and Your Family – Your wedding day is your day, but it is still good if you will consider the opinion of your groom about the things that you want on the wedding day. Aside from that, taking and considering the site of you and your groom’s family would also be important.



  • Preparation Time – When having a fairytale wedding, the preparation is a bit different and would need more time. If you decide to have this kind of wedding, make sure that you plan early, do things early, so that everything will fall into place on the wedding day. Rushing will ruin everything, so make sure it will not be the obstacle that you will face on your wedding preparations.

If these challenges are achievable, you are now ready for your dream fairytale wedding to happen. Congratulations and best wishes!

– Paul Ace