Five Funny, Less Than Traditional Wedding Speeches

Five Funny, Less Than Traditional Wedding Speeches

Your wedding is a not just a time for you to declare your love for each other its also a time for celebrating it with friends and family. One of the ways that friends and family show the admiration for the happy couple is through the speeches. Over the years people have tried a number of different approaches to this. I have just compiled a list of a few of the best. Remember to let me know if there is any that you feel should of made the list. Maybe you went to a friends wedding and they had an awesome speech. I love to hear your stories. Enjoy.

  • The first one with over 700,000 hits on YouTube. These bridesmaids have some bottle. I don’t think they are ever going to win the X factor anytime soon but who knows in this day and age.

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  • You might recognise the groom in the next one he does a bit of singing himself. I love the description. ‘All the songs in my speech are songs by my band, we’re called Mcfly. So mellow after all these years of success he is still so mellow.

  • This is just a funny speech. If I was the groom I would be mortified. Over 1,800,000 hits on YouTube there is obviously quite a few others agree that this is a funny speech.

  • When a comedian does a speech it makes interesting results. This is a good speech and might give you a few ideas for your own. Take a look

  • I thought I would rap this blog up with a rap. Obviously the best way to fit all you want to say in a few minutes. Over 6 million hits on YouTube. Skip to around 30 seconds to get to the good stuff.


A bit of a shorter blog today however, certainly a lot worth looking at. Has this inspired you to do something a little different for your wedding speeches. I cant wait to hear what you have planned for your wedding.


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