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How To Add Those Vintage Touches To Your Wedding Day

  Adding vintage touches to your wedding can really bring out something sweet when it comes to the ambiance of your entire special day! From jewelry to the reception, special touches, flowers and food, there are a few things that can make your wedding...
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Five Dream Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon should be the vacation of your dreams. There are certain destinations that many couples consider to be the perfect honeymoon spots. These destinations promise romance and an unforgettable experience. 1.The Maldives is considered among the...
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6 Unusual Ideas For Wedding Entertainment

We can all remember the movie The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler, but that’s not the only choice for wedding entertainment these days! Now, with themed weddings and incredibly personal choices of venue, the choices are vast and exciting! Here’s...
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5 Wedding Venue Ideas For Your Special Day

So on a cloudy tuesday morning i thought i would cheer the world up a little. I am feeling in the wedding mood at the moment as me and my partner Jess have been looking at wedding venues for ourselves. So what i have found throughout the country is pretty...
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10 Tips For Booking Your Wedding Entertainment

Its always a big thing planning your wedding and you want to get it right. One of the big things that you find that people talk about after the event is the entertainment. Its what sticks in your guests minds, hopefully for years to come. So here are...
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How to make your brand awesome! Easy tools for you!

Consistency As you can see throughout the social networks I continue to keep a consistent brand image. This also follows through to my business cards,website and other promotional material. Why is this important? You are looking to become a local expert...
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11 Great Local Wedding Suppliers

If you are still looking for those finishing touches for your wedding. If you haven’t found the right person to do the job. Then take a look at these local East Midlands Suppliers. Photography and Media Ian Loasby Photography Takes the worry out...
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How To Turn Twitter In To A Free Music Business Tool

Every one wants to get more traffic to there website whether your a big corporation like Amazon or a small company like myself. In this blog I am going to tell you about one method of getting more traffic, Twitter and does it actually work. Twitter When...
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Say ‘I Do’ to This Top Wedding Planning List

Your wedding day is supposed to be the happiest day of your life, but it can also be very stressful. There are so many things to organise that it can quite easily get confusing, especially if you are not the most organised person on the planet! It is...
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6 Easy Steps To a Fantastic Music Press Kit

Learn the basics of a killer press kit!
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Vox AD100VT Guitar Amp Review

Last week I had one of the moments. I don’t know if you would call it a eureka moment or an impulse moment. My friend Dan said I had probably been thinking about it whilst I was asleep. Anyway, I woke up and decided I had to buy a new guitar amp...
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